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Privacy Notice

Privacy  Policy


Law on personal data is provided to ensure privacy protection of personal data. Register description of PERSONAL DATA REGISTRATION LAW (523/1999) 10§


1. Holder of data: 


Latoniitty 3

04500 Kellokoski

Business ID: 2055470-5 


2. Person in charge of register

Riemuli’s staff 


3. Name of the register: 

Riemuli’s customer register


4. The purpose of using the personal data

Purpose of the registry is to maintain customer records and files and to process orders. Information can be used in Riemuli’s business development and statistical purposes. Personal information is handled as permitted by law and within the limits required. Information is not passed on and are not used to marketing purposes without the customer's approval.

5. Data:

Name, address, phone number, email address, and information about ordering.

6 Regular sources of information:

information is provided by the customers when registering on the website www.riemuli.fi.

7 Data transfer:

Data is not disclosed to third parties

8. Principles of data security:

Data is stored in the computer system. The system data can be accessed only by those persons who have access to personal accounts and have the right to.

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