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Shipping and Return

Return and exchange policy

According to the EU consumer protection laws, there is a 14 day right to return from receipt. Always save the receipt of your purchase. The right for returns expires after 14 days.

If ordering in Finland, you can return the normal price products free of charge. If you return discount products you have to pay the return cost.

You can inform us about replacement or refund of the product by mail, asiakaspalvelu@riemuli.fi

All under 2 kg returns must be returned in one customer return letter and just over 2 kg as customer return package. Ask the post office receipt for the return. We do not compensate for the expenses caused by returning against the instructions.

If you order outside Finland, we will not refund returning costs.

If you are going to return only parts of your order, we will not refund shipping costs. If you return parts of the order which have been on quantity discounts (for example, "Buy 3, Pay 2" offer gives), we will charge the normal price of other items.

If you want to change to another product, the product must be similar or at least the same price as the original product. Otherwise, this is considered as return and new product as new order, which will be charge normally. You may also like to contact us in advance and ask for further instructions.

If you want to change or return products from abroad, we will not refund the return / exchange expenses.

You can't return or change fabrics, ribbons or other custom made products.

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